Business Systems Restructuring

Our objective is to implement business management systems that integrate the activities of the sales, procurement, operations, warehousing, manufacturing & accounting departments. This includes solutions for following up sales inquiries, preparing & tracking quotations, invoicing, purchase orders, job costing & inventory management. The solutions we offer are useful for all types of organisations including manufacturers, traders, shops, retail stores & service providers. PQC makes companies better organised by implementing software to streamline & improve operational systems and processes. We work with the existing management team & help companies to stop using Excel & spreadsheets to manage business operations and "excel without Excel".


· Not focused on reducing staff or changing employees

· Improve management reporting, costing, cash flow planning & forecasting.

· Set up systems for sales tracking, inventory control, project management, time tracking and accounting.

· Analyse operating costs and determine financial viability of current selling prices.

· Establish accountability, systems, policies & procedures.

· Improve teamwork, co-ordination, communication & internal organization.

· Independent unbiased advice from qualified & experienced professionals.


Cost reduction consultancy

Reducing costs without reducing salaries or employees.

Set selling prices

Setting selling prices that cover all direct costs and indirect fixed overheads.

Streamlining processes and internal systems

Review existing systems, policies, procedures & processes to improve efficiency & productivity.

Cashflow Management

Analyze the current cash position & future cash requirements to determine your cashflow situation and recommend ways to improve debt collection, manage suppliers, handle Letters of Credit (LC’s) and obtain bank finance.

Profit Improvement

Job & product costing analysis to reveal the true profit margins of different products, jobs & services.   

We undertake a detailed analysis to understand the unique characteristics and operating environments of our clients and tailor our products & services to match their requirements.   

All our clients receive a customized service that fully takes into account their individual needs, preferences and requirements.

Financial Management Services

Accounting Services

· VAT accounting & record keeping

· Prepare & review accounts & financial statements

· Oversee, support & review activities of accounts team

· Payroll processing

· Internal auditing

Cashflow Management

· Obtaining bank finance

· Credit control & debtors management

· Letter of Credit (LC) documentation

· Cashflow forecasting & management

· Financial planning

Profit Improvement

· Cost reduction techniques

· Methods to improve profitability

· Budgeting

· Streamlining operations

· Job costing

· Product costing

· Breakeven point analysis

Management Reporting

· Implement financial reporting & operations management systems

· Assess internal controls, systems, procedures & processes

· Highlight critical vital business statistics

· Management accounting

· Variance analysis

· Provide “Chief Financial Officer (CFO)” & accounting personnel