Pricing and Costing Experts

Pricing for products & services

We are costing and pricing experts and help organisations ascertain the minimum selling prices that they should charge for their products/services to be able to cover all business operating costs. Our services are specially suitable for companies that need to match competitors prices to finalise deals. Organisations often adjust their pricing by 5-20% after using our services.    

Deciding the selling price of your products & services is a critical decision. If the price is high then the company will not secure many deals & if it is low then you will have revenue but will not cover all operating costs and make a loss. It is essential that the product pricing covers all direct costs, monthly expenses & annual fixed overheads like salaries & rent. In the present competitive economic climate all organisations must review their pricing & operating costs in order to remain competitive, secure orders & operate profitably. Unfortunately many companies determine prices arbitrarily or match competitors prices without undertaking a detailed cost based pricing analysis.  

PQC deals with the following issues:


- Evaluate if the current selling prices cover all operating costs

- Determine the total cost of operations that includes uncontrollable annual expenses

- Ascertain the minimum selling price for goods/services

- Match competitors prices - Analyse all costs including direct costs, monthly expenses & annual fixed overheads

- Review financial viability of selling prices for new & existing products/services

- Predict losses

- Identify uneconomical products & services

- Calculate the Break Even Point (BEP) for sales quantity

- Budgeting, cost control, cash flow planning & implementing accounting software

- Independent review of pricing & costing

- Unbiased advice from qualified & experienced professionals