Premium Quality Consultants

We help companies to 

"excel without Excel"

Business Systems Restructuring Specialists

Excel without Excel

Premium Quality Consultants is a 15 year old company in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). We are business systems restructuring specialists who enable organisations to "excel without Excel". Our objective is to help companies stop using Excel and spreadsheets to manage their operations.

Corporate Financial Doctors

As corporate restructuring experts we work with the existing management team to increase business profitability & streamline operations. PQC provides solutions to improve systems, processes & information accuracy in organisations. We enable managers to oversee operations from their mobile phone & reduce internal emails by 50%.    

Pricing & Costing Experts

PQC helps organisations ascertain the minimum selling prices that they should charge for their products & services to be able to cover all business operating costs. Organisations often adjust their pricing by 5-20% after using our services.In the present competitive economic climate all organisations must review their pricing & operating costs in order to remain competitive, secure orders & operate profitably.  

Global Partnerships

PQC is a global partner for leading online software systems like Xero, Workflowmax, Zoho and Pipedrive. We implement business management & financial reporting systems to track sales inquiries, manage database of prospects & customers, inventory control, accounting, job costing and project management.